#4Steps: Getting Your Needs Met (Connection Requests, Part Two)

#10 Step 4 (Part 2) - Getting Your Needs Met (Connection Requests, Part Two) Making a connection request is like getting a weather report. It also helps you get to the next kind of request you’ll make, once you have connection:  a strategy request. The reason you want to connect with the person first is … Continue reading #4Steps: Getting Your Needs Met (Connection Requests, Part Two)

#4Steps: Putting It All Together (Connection Requests)

#9 Step 4 (Part 1) - Putting It All Together (Connection Requests) So far we’ve focused first on external reality - what we’ve seen or heard in the external world, and then how we’re experiencing that, internally, via our feelings and needs. All of the steps so far work towards our taking responsibility for our … Continue reading #4Steps: Putting It All Together (Connection Requests)

#4Steps: Getting the Pulse of What Matters

#6. Step Two - Getting the Pulse of What Matters   Now that you’ve identified what you’ve seen or heard (what you’re responding to), let’s focus on what’s driving the situation. If you want to share something, there’s a reason for that. You probably are upset or concerned about something, or confused or impatient, or … Continue reading #4Steps: Getting the Pulse of What Matters

#4Steps: Creating Shared Reality (Part Two)

#5. Step One- Creating Shared Reality (Part Two)  (“Here is what I observed”) If you want to talk about an action or something that happened, share what you observed, free of judgment or blame. Imagine that you have a camcorder—recording exactly what happened on video tape, or that you’re like a sports commentator giving a … Continue reading #4Steps: Creating Shared Reality (Part Two)