“What a glorious result for our day of training.  Thank you for the many hours of planning and prepping.  I think the work we did today was so important for laying a strong relational foundation.” 

~ Camphill Foundation

“I would like to thank you …for your support and guidance these past two years. Because of you, I have been able to grow to a new level of communication and intellect to deal with situations that may have been baffling to me in the past. I am able to interact and communicate on a level that was never known to ‘flat landers.’ NVC has truly been a blessing to me.”

~ Adam Smith, Camphill Ghent

“Working with Dian Killian has reset the way that I approach learning and my experience of doing it — this has led to a profound and positive change to my work habits, my self-esteem, and how I visualize the possibilities of my career.

Dian provided a safe place in which she helped me discover patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and experiences that repeatedly derailed me and my work. Most importantly, she helped me create simple and easy-to-practice ways in which I could neutralize those old habits.

I’m glad that I chose Dian because her support has had a tremendous impact on me. This radiates out not only to myself but also to my family and into my career.”

~ Victoria B. (New Jersey, U.S.)


“Dian Killian led a workshop at Omega Institute‘s annual Family Week. If anyone needs this kind of training, it’s parents who have communication challenges on a daily basis. I heard all week from happy participants about Dian’s generosity and skill as a teacher. The parents had an opportunity not only to learn about new and better ways of communicating with their family, their mates, and their colleagues at home, but they also got to put their newfound skills into practice in the ‘here and now’ with their kids during the week at Omega. It was a real pleasure to watch this in action and to work with Dian.”
~ Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute (2019)

“Want to move from ‘stuck’ to ‘energized’? Take Dian’s training!”

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness in the way you ran the class at The Open Center. You were flexible to our needs while still keeping us on track with a powerful introductory framework/structure. Very masterful facilitation on your part!  Thank you again for your important work and for your podcast which I’ve been listening to.”
~ Britt Westfall (Certified Professional Coach)

“I’m so glad I participated! I’ve had so much to think about and find that listening to my teenager and to my clients has shifted because I’m more tuned into feelings and needs, and not just what agenda I might be cooking up for them as they talk. I’m also really moved by the body sensations/feelings model for self-empathy. The structure is simple and profound AND really helpful to me. I appreciate your teaching and the ways it has already enriched my communication and connection to people who are important to me.”
~Amanda Green, Yoga Therapist (Austin, TX)

Cornell University:

“Thank you for sharing your skills. I truly admire the work you’ve done to become such an amazing coach and facilitator. I am completely blown away by the whole experience and feel very empowered to share and practice. I can’t wait to see what the next offering will be because I’ll be signing up and encouraging others in my office to do the same.”
~ January 2017

“I have been through many feedback-type classes before this one, and this technique goes way beyond reflective listening, or recapping … finally, it’s something that I can really use, instead of being just a feel-good class that dissipates quickly when back at work.”
    ~ Roadmap to Success student, Cornell University 2016

“…a practical way of improving communication effectiveness and maintaining connection.”

“I found the training to be very profound….It gave me tremendous insight into my own style of communicating and tools for separating out the many different things going on when two people try to communicate.”

“ …very useful for my relationships in the workplace.”

Dian KillianMerck, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Dian Killian for 3 years… Dian’s experience with Collaborative Communication and Coaching has been extremely valuable. She is extremely conscientious, reliable, and agile. I have interacted with her as a collaborative trainer, executive coach, and in designing a customized program for my organization.  Dian helped to build a foundation within my organization, which increased morale and enabled my team to be more resilient through numerous challenges and changes within the company over the last couple of years. These connections enabled my team to openly discuss concerns and identify opportunities to work more collaboratively together. I would definitely work with Dian on future collaborative and change management initiatives… the impact has been long-lasting.”
    ~ Cindy Blair, Director, Merck & Co, Inc.

United Nations Development Program

“I have recognized that there is a science to the art of communication – there are models to be used; models that can be practiced. I know how to listen to clients, understand their needs and address their issues.”

New York State Dispute Resolution Association

“Dian provided our conference an incredibly ‘powerful’ duo of morning sessions that descended into invigorating hallway conversations for the rest of the event. She engaged participants with insightful, thought-provoking ideas that encouraged them to think differently.”
    ~ Carla Schlist, Director of Marketing and Member Services, New York State Dispute Resolution Association


“Thank you for leading a wonderful program!!”
    ~ Workshop participant, Kripalu 2016

Workshop Participants:

“I attended (Dian’s) workshop and I want to express my appreciation for you and your work. As a therapist, I’ve used NVC with my clients and supervisees and the empathy poker has been an especially powerful tool. It’s so accessible and practical! I hope to get more training in the future! Thanks for what you do! “
    ~ Carly (Austin, TX)

“Thank you for your terrific presentation at the NYC-DR Roundtable Breakfast sponsored by the Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York and the City University of New York Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. You did a fabulous job of sharing your knowledge and insights about how to foster greater collaboration in the workplace. Everyone was so appreciative of the opportunity to hear about your far-reaching work and the nuances of Collaborative Communication. Many thanks again for an awesome session.”
    ~ Maria R. Volpe, Ph.D., Director, Dispute Resolution Program and CUNY Dispute Resolution Center John Jay College of Criminal Justice, July 2016

“I really enjoyed working on this conference with you. I had a sense of partnership at every turn and truly value your contributions. Your presentation was top-notch. I loved the interactive aspect and believe it was of great support to the participants as well. I’m excited to know your work will continue with us.”
    ~ Robin O’Brien, Therapist, TX, 2016

“Thank you for all you’ve taught me and all that your guidance has helped open up in my life!”
    ~ past participant, NVC East Coast Women’s Retreat

“Having Dian Killian here to present to us is an amazing opportunity because she’s a highly experienced and sought-after NVC teacher. Her warmth and clarity make it safe and easy for me to learn the simple but not easy philosophy and methods of NVC.”
participant of “Healing through Listening”

“I was able to immediately integrate what I learned into some difficult discussions.”

“It felt engaging to share thoughts with my work partners and really connect.”

Dian headshot 2019 MED

“I loved this workshop and the instructor. I found the strategies very useful for practice. It was not too theoretical, there were lots of good examples.”

“Before I attended the workshop I didn’t know anything about NVC and didn’t know what to expect. It was a wonderful experience: Dian is a highly professional, emphatic trainer and coach with a warm personality and deep insight into what she’s doing and in people’s responses. Her combination of NVC and other approaches helps to get down to the core of your problems and promotes a better understanding of yourself and others. Highly recommended!”
    ~ Siglinde Keck, Germany

“Just wanted to give a huge thank you again for a great weekend. I so appreciated your sensitivity, genuine care, and great and varied knowledge of how to work with different people’s emotions, experiences, and blocks.”
    ~ Retreat participant, 2016     

“Thank you for being such a radiant light in the world. I feel such a sense of gratitude for your presence. Thank you for giving your heart so fully to this important and healing work.”
    ~ Brandon Nappi, Copper Beach Institute

“Abba Poemen (a 2nd-century desert father) said, ‘Teach your mouth to say what is in your heart.’ The work you do, it seems to me, is to help others do that.”
    ~ 2015 workshop participant

NVC Academy

“Thank you so much for working with the NVC Academy, yet again, and offering your session at our NVC at Work: Living with Integrity and Authenticity Everywhere! Videoconference. The quality of your work, your heart and passion, and expertise are a gift to us and our students. With a grateful heart…”
    ~ Mary Mackenzie, co-founder of NVC Academy

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

“In several sessions over a period of six months, Dian helped us identify and clarify our needs, our expectations, and our commitments. She gave us tools that we continue to use to make progress on a daily basis. The result is a more productive, more collaborative and more egalitarian work environment.”

Leadership that Works

“Dian is an alchemist coach, mixing her deep roots in NVC coaching, the Coaching for Transformation model, and her own inherent loving and caring nature. From there, she creates an inviting and challenging space for her clients to discover themselves. She has the skills, and it is in connecting the skills to the roots of the client’s experience and the horizons toward which the client is moving, that her coaching comes alive.”
~ Virginia Kellogg, MCC, Leadership that Works

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