Personal Transformation Coaching

Personal Coaching: Greater Choice, Empowerment and Trust–with Yourself and Others

WHO BENEFITS FROM COACHING WITH ME?  Here are a few examples of clients I’ve worked with in personal coaching sessions:

  • Couples aching to connect yet struggling to hear each other…
  • Individuals seeking deeper self-understanding or working through complex feelings or layers of self-judgment…
  • Adult children wanting to understand their families, or parents wanting to know their children better…

Curious? Contact me to arrange a FREE 30-minute call, to see if coaching is right for you, or book an exploratory coaching session online here.

Personal coaching is driven by empathic listening, working with feelings and needs, and supporting you in coming to your own conclusions and understandings—and finding creative solutions that really work for you. Through coaching you can benefit from:

  • Greater self-understanding, trust and connection
  • Transforming your inner critic to your own best advocate
  • More choice and self-empowerment, even in challenging situations
  • Deeper awareness and discernment about what truly meets your needs in life

To complement the transformative group learning I share at workshops and retreats, I offer one-on-one coaching for both professional and personal development. Since 2004, I’ve worked with more than 100 clients via phone or video conferencing, to continue and deepen their learning. From 2011-2013 I taught with the Coaching for Transformation program.

Curious? Contact me to arrange a FREE 30-minute call, to see if coaching is right for you. Book an exploratory coaching session online today.

What Dian’s personal coaching clients have said:

“In the beginning I thought it was just going to be an NVC training. But you had such great instincts and insight about what I needed in each session, it really helped me to feel supported, and to shift things in my life in a way that was really meaningful to me.  I really appreciate your ability to hone in what I needed in each moment and to deliver it.”

“You are frequently on my mind, but even more so recently as we dropped off our daughter at college this week.  I felt so satisfied and grateful with where we are in our relationship, as mother and daughter, and a family unit and SO much of that is because of work I did with you!  Really, Dian, you’ve forever touched and enhanced my life and it ripples out to my family and others!  THANK YOU for what you do in the world, and how you do what you do!”

“Thank you so much for the work you did with me. I have a much clearer life path now and realize it’s time to RISE UP.”

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