Connecting Across Differences is a new podcast by Dian Killian, PhD of Work Collaboratively about having greater empathy for yourself and others, and how to hear others more deeply and make sure that you’ve been heard. Episodes are available on iTunes.

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Episode 10: 1000 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Dian wanted to take a moment to honor the wonderful feeling that is actually a need. What does it mean when you tell someone “I love you”? What are you really trying to say? What is it that you are appreciating about that person in that moment? The more we can better communicate what we mean when we say this phrase, the stronger connection we can make with those we love.

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All Episodes:

Episode 1
Connecting Across Differences: Making Observations

In the first episode, Dian focuses on key principles from her book, Urban Empathy, that can make a difference for you in your life and in your relationships. Urban Empathy is a book of illustrated actual verbatim stories set in New York City that show how outcomes can be radically different when we learn to listen deeply to others.

First published APRIL 19, 2016 — click to listen and read more.

Episode 2
Connecting Across Differences : The Four Steps of Collaborative (Nonviolent) Communication

In this episode, Dian gives an overview of all 4 steps and talks in depth about the 2nd and 3rd steps:

  1. Observation – exactly what you heard the person say or what you saw them do
  2. Feelings – noticing what you’re feeling or what the other person is feeling,  free of judgement.
  3. Needs – noticing what your needs are and what the other person’s needs are, free of strategy.
  4. Requests–connection requests (checking in) and/or strategy requests that are clear/concrete, positive, doable and free of demand

First published MAY 3, 2016 — click here to listen and read more.

Episode 3
Connecting Across Differences: Practicing Self Empathy

On this episode of the podcast, we focus on self empathy (also known as self management). Self empathy is a key skill in internally navigating how we respond to situations and to have greater choice and connection when we’re responding to others, especially in situations where we’re triggered or the other person is triggered.

First published MAY 17, 2016 – click here to listen and read more.

Episode 4
Connecting Across Differences (Episode 4): Making Requests

On this episode of Connecting Across Differences, Dian focuses on making requests, the fourth step in the model of Nonviolent Communication. To learn more about steps 1 – 3, listen to the previous episodes of this podcast.

First published JUNE 6, 2016 — click here to listen and read more. 

Episode 5
Connecting Across Differences: Connection Requests

Today on the podcast, Dian goes more in-depth on one type of request, the connection request. In the previous episode (#4), Dian gave an overview of making requests. To gain a better understanding of making requests, please listen to episode 4.

First published JUNE 22, 2016 — click here to listen and read more.

Episode 6
Connecting Across Differences : Strategy Requests

This week’s podcast completes the three week focus on requests. In today’s podcast, I focus on making strategy requests that are clear/concrete, positive, and doable.

First published JULY 6, 2016 — click here to listen and read more.

Episode 7
Connecting Across Differences: Enjoying Difficult People

On this episode, Dian shares tips on how to enjoy being around difficult people, especially as the holidays come up.

First published November 11, 2016 — click here to listen and read more.

Episode 8
Connecting Across Differences: Transforming Your Inner Critic

On this episode, Dian shares tips on making peace with your inner critic and transforming self-judgement into self-knowledge.

First published January 11, 2017  — click here to listen and read more

Episode 9
Connecting Across Differences: Celebrating Learning Curves

On this episode, Dian shares tips on celebrating your learning curves so that you can stick with your new year’s resolutions.

First published January 24, 2017  — click here to listen and read more