Learning Resources


How and Why to Recap

An overview and a step-by-step guide to recapping.

The 4-Part NVC Process

A practice in EXPRESSING with authenticity and RECEIVING with empathy.

Feelings and Needs – Personal Settings

A list of feelings and needs that are designed for use in personal settings.

Feeling and Needs – Business Settings

A list of feelings and needs that are adapted for use in workplace settings.

A Chapter from Urban Empathy

A graphic novel about Collaborative Communication.

Communication Transformer

A step-by-step exercise.

Empathy Poker Cards

Playing cards that are used for games and exercises designed to help us listen deeply to each other.

Empathy Buddies

Deepen your NVC practice and experience being deeply heard with an empathy buddy.


Center for Nonviolent Communication

The international nonprofit organization that Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder of NVC, created to share his work.

Connection Central

A place to find the latest work from Nonviolent Communication Trainers.

Puddle Dancer Press

The main publisher of Nonviolent Communication books.