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Connecting Across Differences

by Dian Killian, Ph.D. and Jane Connor Ph.D.

What People are Saying:
“Connecting Across Differences has changed how I approach my work and life. Using empathy to connect with my feelings and needs and with the feelings and needs of the people around me has made me happier and more effective. Jane and Dian, thank you for guiding me on this journey.”
–ROBERT MCGUIRE, Executive Director, Merck, Inc.

“Dian Killian is a remarkable woman with a great message that brings wisdom to the field of nonviolence.”
–HOWARD GLASSER, author, Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach

“Connecting Across Differences capacitates learners with essential personal and interpersonal skills and knowledge needed to nurture and build a culture of peace. Killian and Connor’s thoughtfully constructed guidebook opens doors to the possibility for authentic dialogue between self and others and illuminates multiple paths to living with integrity. This book should be on the shelf of every peacemaker.”
–TONY JENKIS, Director of Education, National Peace Academy

“Having taught Nonviolent Communication for many years, it seems to me that this book covers every question that I have had myself or been asked about how to learn and integrate this simple yet challenging re-frame of communication with self and others. I am grateful to Dian and Jane for this contribution to the field of applied nonviolence.”
–KIT MILLER, Director, M.K. Gandhi Institute For Nonviolence


German translation: Verbindung herstellen – Trennendes überbrücken

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Now in Simplified Chinese!

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Urban Empathy

By Dian Killian. Illustrated by Mark Badger.

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What People are Saying: “I’ve been studying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for three years, I just picked up a copy of Urban Empathy after an NVC workshop, and I LOVE it! . . . Seeing examples from real-life encounters . . . has been eye-opening. I’ve re-read all of it several times. . . I have also found it reassuring, in that the author demonstrates it is possible to ‘fail’ at using NVC at any given moment, and then make tremendous use of the occasion as a learning opportunity. At times I’ve found it difficult to express what I value so deeply about NVC, and I am thrilled to have this little treasure to share with folks who are new to it. The personal-experience-as-graphic-novel approach really brings the ideas of NVC to life.” — Amazon Customer Review

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Beyond Good and Evil: Marshall Rosenberg on Creating a Nonviolent World

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.01.40 PM

I first met Marshall Rosenberg when I was assigned by a local paper to cover one of his “Nonviolent Communication” training seminars. Disturbed by the inequalities in the world and impatient for change, I couldn’t imagine what use a communication technique could be in solving problems such as global warming or the debt of developing nations. But I was surprised by the visible effect Rosenberg’s work had on individuals and families caught in conflict.


On the Front Line: Meet Marshall Rosenberg, Quiet Revolutionary

By Dian Killian, Ph.D.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.04.23 PM

Based on cover endorsements’ from John Gray and Jack Canfield (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Chicken Soup for the Soul), Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion sounds like another New Age, self-help book. Yet like Noam Chomsky — who deconstructed language and then moved on to media and politics — Rosenberg’s work is intrinsically radical.