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Professional Development: Transformative Leadership Coaching (TLC)

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“…it has been my honor and pleasure to work with you and have you as a coach. Your skills have made a huge impact on our company, myself, and I think many of us, if not all of us as individuals. I thank you so much.”

As a manager, director, or CEO, it’s your job to drive effectiveness and innovation, getting the results you want and seeing that you and your team reach and exceed goals. Yet how are you motivating and managing your team so that you have the buy-in, teamwork, and creativity that you want—freeing yourself from the weight of driving things on your own?

Dian pic for emailThrough Transformative Leadership Coaching (TLC), blending the communication and collaborative skills of Collaborative Communication with executive coaching, you will learn practical ways to:

  • Make meetings more engaging and effective
  • Increase collaboration, trust, and cooperation
  • Give feedback in a way that gets the results you want
  • Troubleshoot in a way that creates for greater agility and responsiveness
  • Manage change effectively
  • Self-manage your own responses, in real-time
  • Increase being heard, and hearing others
  • Foster life-work balance, for you and your team

Many managers are facing tremendous challenges, with tight budgets, speedups, and changes in staffing, roles, and organizational structure. Coaching can make a key difference for you—in navigating changes and creating the outcomes you want.

Through 1-on-1 sessions, you benefit from the mentoring, space and support to examine what matters most to you and how to generate it, both at work and at home. Business, NGO, and social (NFP) directors all gain tremendous insight, growth, and support from coaching.

Your coaching is custom-designed, based on your objectives and needs, and is often combined with other forms of organizational support, such as training, 360s, team communication assessment, or change management.

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Here is what professional development clients are saying:

“I just want to thank you so much for your time and incredible care — your words have provided me with so much support in my endeavors and I feel so clear that our work will have far-reaching effects on both my own well being and the overall health and effectiveness of our business.”