(Hamburg, Germany) The Intelligence of the Body: A Three Day Training in Somatic-Based-Empathy [December 8th-10th, 2023]

Somatic Based Empathy for Self-Healing and Growth

Would you like to listen more closely to your body, work more easily through blocks and triggers, and gain deeper self-connection, wisdom and insight?

Somatic-Based Empathy, a practice developed by Dian Killian, PhD, blends coaching and NVC-based, deep self-empathy practices to listen closely to what our bodies are communicating to us via physical sensations. In addition to providing invaluable information and deeper, grounded wisdom, Somatic-Based Empathy can also result in relief from physical pain and discomfort and lead to new opening, release and renewed energy.

This workshop will include intensive practice and demos and is ideal for those both new to somatic-based empathy and those who want to deepen their practice.

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

Our bodies often are holding crucial information for us over years. Somatic-Based Empathy helps us communicate with our bodies in new ways, so we can deeply hear, listen and heal from our felt-sense. This practicum will include orientation (useful information for context and practice), experiential exercises to develop greater mind-body and sensory awareness, and demos and practice in Somatic-Based Empathy.

Come develop a greater level of self-awareness, care and connection and explore how you can integrate these practices in your healing and NVC work, with others and yourself.

Who will this workshop interest? Anyone wanting to:

  • Learn new tools for self-care and well being
  • Integrate somatic awareness and mindfulness in daily practices
  • Develop greater resources for self-empathy, especially when triggered, blocked or “shut down”
  • Tap into deeper self-wisdom
  • Take your NVC practice to a deeper level
  • Move through unconscious blocks and habits

While prior training in NVC is helpful, it is not necessary to benefit from this program.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Join us to experience new break-throughs in your life while learning practical, transformative tools you can use every day, in your own practice and in supporting others. The workshop is held in English. Translation into German by Simran K. Wester.

What others are saying about this program:

  • “I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course.”
  • “Dian was patient, flexible, mindful and provided a wealth of useful knowledge.”
  • “My experience was one of healing and growth.”

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  • Date: December 8-10, 2023
  • Time: Friday 11am – Sunday 4pm
  • Location: Raum für Bewegung und Wahrnehmung, Eppendorfer Weg 57a, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
  • Instructors: Dian Killian with Simran Wester
  • Maximum group size: 22 participants
  • Contact and Questions: Contact Simran K. Wester
  • Financial Investment: Early bird until Oct. 1: €320, after that: €350.
  • Total training hours with a Certified Trainer: 16 hours
  • Schedule: See below


Session One: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1-2:30pm
Session Two: 2:30-4pm
Pause 4-4:15pm
Session Three: 4:15-6pm

Session One: 10am-11:30
Pause: 11:30-11:45
Session Two: 11:45-1:15
Lunch: 1:15-2:30
Session Three: 2:30-4pm
Pause: 4-4:15pm
Session Four: 4:15-6pm

Session One: 10am-11:30
Pause: 11:30-11:45
Session Two: 11:45-1:15
Lunch: 1:15-2:30
Session Three: 2:30-4pm