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Organizational Communication Training & Consulting Services

I help executive teams achieve remarkable business results by instilling a culture of collaboration where critical communication barriers are more easily transformed into opportunities for clarity, teamwork, and purposeful action. Today’s organizations face unsurpassed challenges, and the role of effective communication and building highly engaged teams has never been more critical to their success.

Serving small- to large-sized companies and nonprofits throughout the U.S., our organizational communication consulting services are producing remarkable results, particularly in industries burdened by substantial change.

My stand out difference is my approach — an internationally recognized method which focuses on what’s happening, why it matters, and what matters most in moving forward. Customizing each training to your needs equips our clients with simple, yet highly effective tools to generate immediate and sustained improvements in productivity, team engagement, and morale.

The proven results of my trainings include greater efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and team work.

Participants in Collaborative Leadership and Collaborative Communication trainings report increased abilities to:

  • Focus on strengths (what is wanted, what is working) rather than faults or weaknesses
  • More easily find win-win solutions
  • Maintain openness to diverse strategies for any given outcome, creating more innovative, collaborative results
  • Foster engagement, buy-in, accountability and shared goals
  • More effectively and efficiently make decisions, including in groups, based on the needs of all involved
  • Be honest and direct in a way that also builds relationships
  • Better ascertain and meet the needs of clients, reports and co-workers
  • Give feedback that creates real change

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