Research Report

Collaborative Communication in Organizations

This research was conducted by Merck Inc., the Center for Collaborative Communication  (then directed by Dian Killian), and directed by Jane Connor and Dian Killian.

In this two-part study, significant results were found as a result of workplace communication training, including greater efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and team work. These preliminary findings were presented at the Psychologists for Social Responsibility 30th Anniversary Conference on July 13, 2012 in Washington, DC. A fuller, more detailed peer-reviewed report is in preparation.

Click here to see a one-sheet summary of the research.

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Click here to see the full report.

In particular, the study found that:

• 100% of participants report increases in their and others’ efficiency.
• the time to resolve issues was estimated to be reduced by 67-90% and problem-solving time was estimated as cut by 10-33%.
• the increase in overall efficiency due to time saved was estimated as 10-80%.
• the reduction in the number of meetings needed to address an issue was estimated as 50-80%, and staff meeting time was estimated as cut in half.

Curious how we got these results? Want similar effectiveness in your workplace?

The success of any business depends on people working together to accomplish tasks that
support the organization in achieving its purpose. As documented in this study, this is most likely
to occur when the quality of relationships and communication between people is high and individuals are thriving.
Contact us now to schedule a free consultation to see how your organization can not just benefit — but thrive by working collaboratively!

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