Gratitude for the year

Dear friends,

As the days shorten and grow colder, I think of all those in my life who bring me warmth and light. Thank you for your commitment to yourself—and others around you and the world—in communicating with greater care and compassion.

And thank you for all the moments of joy, playfulness, insight and connection that I’ve experienced working with you this year in workshops and coaching. I celebrate your growth and learning!

Warmly, and sending you wishes for abundance, connection and gratitude for this holiday season and the coming year,
Dian Killian, PhD.

ps. Treat yourself for the rest of 2013: each day take a moment to write down three things you are grateful for between now and Jan 1st…and see what happens. Send me one or two lines you write if you want to share!

pps. For another treat, order my book Connecting Across Differences for 40% off list price when ordering from the publisher if you use the coupon code: dkp1301 by Dec 12, 2013. To save, you must order by Dec 12 — and you’ll get guaranteed delivery before Dec. 25!

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