Exercise: Empathic Reflections on Emotions

In this exercise, you’ll reflect on people to whom you relate specific emotional responses, in order to work on applying open-heartedness across embodied emotional spectrums to see how doing so changes your actions, words, and intentions.

Take a moment and reflect on when you were feeling angry towards someone or disconnected.

How did that impact, consciously or not, the words you used, your actions, or tone of voice?

Take a moment and also reflect on someone in your life that you may be holding judgments about.

How do those judgments inform how you see the person and what you expect from them?

Now take a moment and think of someone that you feel warm and open hearted towards.

How does that empathic place of connection impact how you see and relate to that person?

What would happen if you took that same warmth and open heartedness and extended that to the person that you’re feeling disconnected from?

How might your words or actions change?

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