Peaceful, Powerful Change Happens In Person

“Something with depth happens when we come together in community. It’s not just cognitive learning – it’s the impact of receiving empathy, living among people who share your values, and having the direct transmission of compassion.”

Are you interested in finding that depth and experiencing the impact of positive change? Below are two Certified Trainers talking about their experiences and excitements around upcoming immersion trainings this summer, at The Future of Peace Starts Now [July 28-Aug 1] and The East Coast NVC Women’s Retreat [Aug 23-26]

CCC’s Founder Dian Killian is co-leading two retreats this summer, and it’s just this immersion experience that she believes can transform our lives.

Dian Killian is the NVC East Coast Women’s Retreat organizer and is passionate about how this retreat fosters deep self-connection and insight as well as connection with a powerful community of women.  As Facilitator Simone Anliker last year said, “Connection — it’s not just bars on your cellphone, it’s your experience of life!” Dian and Simone will be joined on the training team with Christine Masters and Phoenix Soleil. In addition to deep, transformative learning and connection,  we are planning a lot of R&R and fun. Lorraine Aguilar will be bringing her NVC music, Phoenix Soleil, her love of improv, Christine Masters, her love of games and singing, plus we’ll have the Empathy Labyrinth, daily morning yoga, and massage therapy on site.

This event takes places Thursday August 23 – Sunday August 26, 2012 in Van Etten, NY, USA. Complete details and registration is online here: We recommend early registration since last year we filled the retreat center to capacity!

Jeff Brown is an organizer of the Future of Peace Starts Now retreat and ED of CCCO. He says, “As a society and throughout the world, we are in the midst of profound changes. Life seems to become more uncertain and more unpredictable all the time. No longer are the skills we learned as children adequate for coping and thriving in today’s world.”

The Future of Peace Starts Now is an invitation to be part of the compassionate community of the future – one that has integrated relationship, communication and trust-building skills, and where you can feel and experience what a society of the future can be like once it has embodied the principles and practices of Compassionate-Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The facilitators, Dian Killian, Ph.D. (New York City), Francois Beausoleil, M.B.A. (Quebec, Canada) and Jeff Brown, M.A. (Columbus, Ohio) are all Certified Trainers with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. They are convening this event Saturday, July 28 – Wednesday, August 1, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Complete details and registration is online here:

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