Empathizing 2.0: Soothing our Younger Parts when Overwhelmed

In part two of this series on connecting with younger parts, Dorset Campbell-Ross offers practical tools to soothe these parts and give them an opportunity to be heard. I invited Dorset to write on this topic after we exchanged some ideas on the CNVC Certified Trainers list and discovered that we each had developed, on opposite sides of the earth, similar and yet distinct practices.

The Positivity of NVC: Needs – Part II

In my last blog post, "See Me Beautiful," I wrote about the “positivity” of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) on a philosophical level. Understanding this “positive” orientation of NVC is helpful on a practical level because once you “grok” this (get the concept and integrate it) it will give you more ease in practicing and living NVC … Continue reading The Positivity of NVC: Needs – Part II