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The scientifically proven, step-by-step guide to having a breakthrough conversation across party lines

By Lila MacLellan, in Quartz, November 2016.

As a communications coach and mediator for civil rights and student activists during the US civil rights era, Rosenberg developed a practical strategy for peaceful conflict resolution called non-violent communication. By focusing on language and process, the theory goes, injured parties can shift the tone of their communication and spur collaboration. Dian Killian, a certified trainer in Rosenberg’s method and collaborative communications consultant, breaks down the four steps. [read more…]

Beyond Good and Evil: Marshall Rosenberg on Creating a Nonviolent World

By Dian Killian, Ph.D.

I first met Marshall Rosenberg when I was assigned by a local paper to cover one of his “Nonviolent Communication” training seminars. Disturbed by the inequalities in the world and impatient for change, I couldn’t imagine what use a communication technique could be in solving problems such as global warming or the debt of developing nations. But I was surprised by the visible effect Rosenberg’s work had on individuals and families caught in conflict.

On the Front Line: Meet Marshall Rosenberg, Quiet Revolutionary

By Dian Killian, Ph.D.

Based on cover endorsements’ from John Gray and Jack Canfield (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Chicken Soup for the Soul), Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion sounds like another New Age, self-help book. Yet like Noam Chomsky — who deconstructed language and then moved on to media and politics — Rosenberg’s work is intrinsically radical.


Below are books that Dian has reviewed on her blog or podcast and recommends for people developing their skill set in Collaborative Communication:

trainingintendernessbookcoverTraining in Tenderness: Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, the Radical Openness of Heart That Can Change the World by Dzigar Kongtrul Rimpoche.


healing power of empathy book coerThe Healing Power of Empathy by Mary Goyer

Rich examples & stories to demonstrate what empathy sounds like in real-life situations. Including three stories by Dian Killian, it’s an appendix of training tools and almost 100 story submissions from Nonviolent Communication collaborators across the globe.

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