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Personal Development Workshops

Have you sought a communication solution with a partner, family member, or person on the street that was satisfying, effective and empowering, but felt unable to take the next step? I’ve been leading personal development workshops since 2004 and this has given me teaching tools I so enjoy sharing. The topics I teach include:

  • Enjoying Difficult People–Including Yourself!
  • Hearing the “Yes” behind the “No”
  • Making Big (and Little) Decisions Easier
  • Getting What You Want—In a Way You Won’t Regret Later!
  • ...and more!

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Sample Program Topics

Enjoying Difficult People–Including Yourself!

Have you ever reached an impasse with colleagues, clients, a family member or person on the street? Have you sought a solution that was more satisfying, effective and empowering, but felt unable to take the next step? In this interactive workshop,  learn how to navigate challenging conversations and transform critical communication barriers into opportunities for clarity, collaboration, understanding and action.

Hearing the “Yes” behind the “No”

Sometimes it’s hard to hear a “no.” And a “no” can take various forms, from a colleague voting down an idea at work, to our partners saying “not tonight,” or our kids acting out. In this interactive workshop, learn some simple steps that will help you hear what others are saying “yes” to when they say “no” and find win-win solutions where everyone’s needs matter. Come with some actual situations you’d like greater clarity and ease around.

Making Big (and Little) Decisions Easier

Every day we make hundreds of decisions about how we will meet our needs—regarding time, financial resources, and energy—impacting both ourselves and others. Sometimes our needs and values can seem in conflict and that there’s no “good” solution. In this workshop, learn simple steps to get clear about your needs, navigate your own “internal committee” system (often in disagreement), and draw on different internal resources when making decisions. Gain clarity, ease, and self-confidence and find choices that are more satisfying.

Enjoying “Bad” Sex

In intimate relationships, we most want to see our needs met and often are the most vulnerable. Because our sexuality is deeply connected to our feelings, safety and connection with others, and how we see and experience our bodies, it can be especially challenging to speak up about our needs in a clear and loving way.  In this program, explore what gets in the way of your speaking up about your needs and learn new ways to make clear and doable request about  what will best meet your needs and foste greater enjoyment, trust and ease with your partner.

Getting What You Want—In a Way You Won’t Regret Later!

What do we want someone to do—and why do want them to do it? How we answer these questions can profoundly impact how we interact with others, especially in situations where there is some difference in power (at work or at home). Rather than giving rewards or punishment—or advice, shoulds, threats, or demands, learn in this program how to live in greater alignment with your own values and truly motivate and inspire others to act on your requests in a way that is “win-win” for everyone.

For other topics, including business topics, please contact me — I enjoy developing workshops.

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3 thoughts on “General Public Workshops

  1. I attended your workshop at the NYSDRA annual conference last fall. I received your announcement about a workshop at Cornell earlier this year, but couldn’t attend. When do you next plan a workshop in Ithaca? Thanks. JC

    • Hi Jane–
      just in case you missed hearing about this, I am teaching next at Cornell on June 12th-13th. There are still a few seats left for the general public if you’re interested! Warmly, Dian

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