The greatest miracle in life…


The greatest miracle in life is one I am blessed to see regularly: the magic, possibility, and creativity that emerges when a person is fully heard. Any resentment or hardness melts away. Their face lights up, their bodies relax, they come alive with new ideas and energy. They become open to hearing others–and trying anew. It is this kind of “magic” that gives me hope–for us individually, for us a species, and for all life on the planet. If more of this magic can happen, I know we can transform the hardest and darkest challenges we face.

As the days shorten and now grow longer again, I think of each of you and your commitment to creating greater peace and connection in the world. Thank you for your interest in Collaborative/Compassionate-Nonviolent Communication, and to creating a world that can give us all more hope, harmony and peace—with everyone’s needs mattering.

I’m grateful for your support and our connection and looking forward to seeing you in 2015–be it in the Bahamas, Kripalu, Omega, or at another event this year!


Dian Killian, PhD & President, Work Collaboratively, LLC

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