(Online) Somatic-Based Empathy [May 29, 2019]

Our bodies contain a wealth of information and wisdom about what’s important to us.  Unfortunately, however, we have been trained to live “up in our heads,” trusting only our minds to make sense of our world.
listen to body

Join Dian for this 90-minute webinar to learn how to tune into your “gut” response — empathize with the sensations in your body and hear what they want to tell you about your underlying needs.

If you get “stuck” on a cognitive level (wanting clarity around making a decision, or movement or relief around some emotional or physical pain), listening to your body in this way can offer profound insight and transformation!

In effect, this is the core practice of Nonviolent Communication: creating greater awareness (aliveness) and returning our bodies to stasis or equilibrium (peace).

How self-connected are you?  How much are you listening to your body? I invite you to start embracing your body! And listening to it! What are you feeling—and how do you notice this in your body, on a sensation level?

When you are speaking with someone and have had enough– of that conversation, or what the person is saying, how do you know– in your body? And what does joy feel like? And happiness? What brings you most alive—and how do you know and notice? All this is related to somatic awareness. And to being fully in choice, and fully alive.