(placeholder) Empathy at Work [Nov. 13-15, 2020]

Humanizing and Optimizing Our Work Lives

Have rapid changes this year impacted your sense of ease and well being at work? Are you working remotely now, attempting to balance job tasks with homeschooling and family care? Have you been laid off and feeling unsure and insecure about your future and what to do next?

Have the recent disruptions brought existing tensions at work to a head and shifted your priorities—around engagement, meaning, and collaboration—and you’re eager now for a breakthrough?

Whatever challenges you’re facing in these unusual times, it’s more vital than ever to get the support you need and to cultivate your own communication, empathy, and self-management skills. In this weekend intensive, you’ll get a crash course on key “hacks” to make transformational changes in how you work and collaborate with others!

Do you find at your workplace:

  • Heavy bureaucracy and top-down decision making?
  • Endless meetings?
  • Lack of engagement and follow through?
  • Erosion of communication and trust?
  • Silos getting in the way of teamwork?
  • Confusion about roles?
  • People “passing the buck” on tasks getting done?
  • People staying silent when important things need to be said?
  • Conflict with those you depend on to get projects done?
  • People digging in their heels?
  • Low morale?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Empathy at Work is for you! In this 15-hour weekend immersion, learn how to:

  • Listen actively without losing sight of your own concerns 
  • Make sure everyone is hearing each other and on the same page
  • Speak up at work, even in challenging situations and in the face of power
  • Collaborate and work more efficiently and effectively
  • Generate greater buy-in and intrinsic motivation
  • Resolve conflict and move through impasses  
  • Self-manage your own reactions
  • Give more effective feedback
  • Skillfully respond to push-back
  • Increase “deliverables” on your team’s goals
  • Apply specific NVC skills to the workplace—including meeting facilitation, group requests, and check-ins
  • Bring more humanity, fun, and joy to work!


Dates & Times:

  • 13 November 2020 (Friday): 14.00 – 18.00
  • 14 November 2020 (Saturday): 9.30 – 18.00
  • 15 November 2020 (Sunday): 9.30 – 16.00

TrainerDian Killian, Ph.D.

Host: Hamburger Institut Für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation

Location: Hamburg, Germany – Yogazentrum Hoheluft, Breitenfelder Str. 8 (Garteneingang), 20251

Fees: Sliding fee scale: 345€ – 525€ (see below for details)

Language: Presented in English and translated into German

Registration: Coming soon!

Questions: Email the host, Simran Kaur Wester or call +49 40 4604756

About the sliding fee scale:

We are offering a sliding scale to make this program as accessible to you as possible. We also long for ease of sustainability for everyone involved in producing this program (the trainer, translator, and host/organizer). The bottom of the scale is a built-in scholarship; if you can pay at the midpoint or above (435€ – 525€), this helps us to continue offer programming with the care and attention we like in a sustainable way, and supports us in making scholarships available to those who request them.

For context, costs include sustaining all those involved in producing this program plus venue rental, travel for the trainer from the U.S., website and registration platforms, and sustaining an admin support person. We thank you in advance for stretching into what is comfortable for you investing in this program!

Who this training is for

Whether you are a manager who wants to work more effectively with your team, an employee who wants more empowerment with your boss and greater collaboration and ease with your colleagues, and/or you’re simply passionate about bringing NVC into the workplace, this weekend immersion will help you learn and apply game-changing skills that will make a radical difference in your workplace for both you and those you interact with.

Regardless of your position or rank, you can change how you and others work together in companies, start-ups, NGOs, and other organizations. Regardless of how your company is structured—“top-down” or “horizontally,” or whether or not you’re in a position of power —you can “be the change” at work!

About the Trainer:

Dian Killian, Ph.D., is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Certified Life coach (graduate of the Coaching for Transformation program) and author of two well-loved books about Nonviolent Communication.

Dian Killian, Ph.D.
Dian Killian, Ph.D.

Dian has worked with small nonprofits to large NGOs and Fortune 100 companies, including the UN Development Program and Merck, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, and others for 15 years. Read a research report about her NVC work at Merck, see her client list, and download free business materials at her website.

The only Certified Trainer currently based in New York City, she also is a professional musician and is known for her lively, engaging, and connecting trainings that integrate storytelling, interactive exercises, humor, and fun.

Health and Safety in the COVID age:

We are hoping and anticipating that it will be sufficiently safe to travel and meet in person for this event, with some awareness and precautions re: COVID-19.

If we are not able to meet in person (given travel and/or group meeting restrictions) we will move the program online; we anticipate making a decision 8 weeks in advance to support those traveling from outside the Hamburg area in making travel arrangements. While we prefer to meet in person (for ease and joy of connection), this program works equally well online given the content.