Organizational Communication Consulting Services
I help executive teams achieve remarkable business results by instilling a culture of collaboration where critical communication barriers are more easily transformed into opportunities for clarity, teamwork, and purposeful action. Today’s organizations face unsurpassed challenges, and the role of effective communication and building highly engaged teams has never been more critical to their success. The proven results of my trainings include greater efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and team work. More details are here.

Personal Development Workshops
Have you sought a communication solution with a partner, family member, or person on the street that was satisfying, effective and empowering, but felt unable to take the next step? My ten years of giving personal development workshops has given me teaching tools I so enjoy sharing. The topics I teach on include: Enjoying Difficult People–Including Yourself!, Hearing the “Yes” behind the “No”, Making Big (and Little) Decisions Easier, Getting What You Want—In a Way You Won’t Regret Later! and more. Full details here. See which workshops are coming up by clicking above on Upcoming Events.