8/11-13, 2017 (Art of Living Center, NC) NVC for Better Living

How do you respond to difficult people and challenging conversations? The Nonviolent Communication for Better Living 3-day workshop at the Art of Living Retreat center taking place August 11-13, 2017 offers tools for creating mutual understanding, trust, intimacy, and meaning in your relationships.

Register online here today! Only $495 includes tuition, room and board.

The retreat is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication, and is led by Dian Killian who co-taught with Rosenberg and has herself written two popular Nonviolent Communication (NVC) books. NVC will help you transform how you relate to others – by practicing self-empathy, connecting to the needs of others, and asking for what you want. You will develop a greater self-connection and connection with others.

Whether you are new to NVC or wish to deepen your practice, you’ll learn practical skills, including how to:

  • Stay self-connected during challenging conversations
  • Listen to yourself and others, even when triggered
  • Discern what matters to you on a core level
  • Create strategies that work for everyone
  • Speak from your heart with honesty and connection

Read more about NVC here, and Register online here today! Only $495 includes tuition, room and board.

Recommended advance reading: ‘Connecting across Differences’ by Jane Connor and Dian Killian