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EXERCISES & WORKSHEETS Introductory Packet A basic handout packet that I use in many of my workshops that covers the basics of Nonviolent Communication. How and Why to Recap An overview and a step-by-step guide to recapping. The 4-Part NVC Process A practice in EXPRESSING with authenticity and RECEIVING with empathy. Feelings and Needs – … Continue reading Learning Resources


RESEARCH Report: Collaborative Communication in Organizations The following research was conducted jointly by Merck, Inc. and the Center for Collaborative Communication under the direction of Dian Killian, Ph.D., CCC’s former Executive Director. In this two-part study, significant results were found as a result of workplace communication training, including greater efficiency, effectiveness, motivation, and teamwork. ARTICLES … Continue reading Resources

(Hamburg, Germany) The Intelligence of the Body: A Two Day Training in Somatic-Based-Empathy [February 19-20, 2022]

Somatic Based Empathy for Self-Healing and Growth Would you like to listen more closely to your body, work more easily through blocks and triggers, and gain deeper self-connection, wisdom and insight? Somatic-Based Empathy, a practice developed by Dian Killian, PhD, blends coaching and NVC-based, deep self-empathy practices to listen closely to what our bodies are … Continue reading (Hamburg, Germany) The Intelligence of the Body: A Two Day Training in Somatic-Based-Empathy [February 19-20, 2022]

(Online) Communicating in Challenging Times [July 9-Aug 13, 2020]

Learn how to bridge the gap when differences exist between ourselves and others, and to create the honest and trust-based relationships that we all want. You’ll learn how to free yourself from the duality of submission and rebellion (going to the extremes of being passive or aggressive) and find the way to true collaboration and mutuality.

(Online) Earth Empathy Circles [Jan. 12 & 19]

A series of video meetings in several languages for people to come together in the space of community to grieve, in the spirit of love and gratitude for the gifts we have received from this ailing planet.

Online Course: Home Base

Reference for participants of the Fall 2019 live online course, “Four Steps to Effective Feedback”