5/28-6/1/2017 (Bahamas) Living Peace and Somatic-Based Empathy

May 28 — 29, 2017

Living Peace: An Immersion in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Facilitator: Dian Killian

We all desire to be compassionate and caring with others and ourselves. But how do we actually accomplish this?—especially in moments when angry, hurt or scared. In this 2-day immersion in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we will reconnect with our intentions via powerful, practical skills that can support us in communicating with more honesty, authenticity, connection, and compassion. This highly interactive program is ideal for those new to NVC as well as for those wanting to deepen their practice. You will learn to transform your inner critic into an ally, break through blocks, and better manage challenging situations.

Come on your own or come with someone in your life with whom you would like to enjoy a deeper connection and learn life-changing skills to connect more deeply with others and yourself.

Please note This program is followed by a 3-day practicum on Somatic-Based Empathy, a deep-healing practice based on NVC.

Tuition: $165

May 30 — June 1, 2017
Facilitator: Dian Killian
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Our bodies often hold crucial information for us, sometimes stored for years and decades, sometimes in response to the moment. This course is for anyone who wants to listen more closely to their body, work more easily through blocks and triggers, and gain deeper self-connection, wisdom and insight.

Somatic-Based Empathy, a practice developed by Dian Killian, blends coaching and deep-empathy practices to develop the ability to listen closely to what our bodies are communicating to us via physical sensations. In addition to providing invaluable information and deeper, grounded wisdom, Somatic-Based Empathy can also result in relief from physical pain and discomfort and lead to new opening, release and renewed energy.

This practicum will include orientation (useful information for context and practice), experiential exercises to develop greater mind-body and sensory awareness, and practice in Somatic-Based Empathy. Come develop a greater level of self-awareness, care, and connection. Healers and those in the helping professions can easily integrate these skills into their work with others.

Please note The prerequisite for this practicum is participation in Living Peace: An Immersion in Nonviolent Communication, offered May 28–29, or at least 6 hours of NVC training with a CNVC-certified trainer.

Tuition: $255