Self Management means More Joy at Work

From a recently-published article in Empathische Zeit

Most people I know set a fairly low bar in terms of their expectations for their work experience. If you “like” your work that’s considered good. How many would say their work gives them joy—or empowerment, inspiration, creativity or energy? I believe every workplace can have that kind of satisfaction and joy: the en-joymentof working with colleagues in a collaborative and respectful way, achieving results that are meaningful, connecting, and with life-work balance.

Here are some of the questions I explore with managers:

  • When giving feedback, are you giving clear observations, free of evaluation? Are you focused on the behavior, rather than the person?
  • In seeking buy-in and engagement, are you sharing with others the needs it would meet for you, the company and the team, by their completing a task or contributing to it?
  • If there’s confusion or repetition, are you offering or requesting recaps about what’s been said, to get everyone on the same page?
  • When wanting greater responsibility, accountability and change, how are you asking questions to generate input, creativity and collaboration?
  • If a situation is escalating, how do you support the team in finding their own internal resources to resolve the issues and restore trust?
  • How are you developing leadership overall via empowering questions that you’re asking you team? (Questions that invite their involvement and resourcefulness)
  • Are you acting in ways—consistently—that meet your own needs for integrity?

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