Refocusing our Mission: A New Chapter for CCC

When I founded the Center for Collaborative Communication (then Brooklyn NVC) in 2004, I envisioned a community-based organization that would change the culture of NYC (my home town! :) by fostering a community of those practicing Compassionate Communication. Looking back nearly ten years later, I’m deeply satisfied to reflect on the number of people touched by our work. Dozens of organizations—from the Park Slope Food Coop, to the UN Development Program, to Fortune 100 companies, and thousands of individuals, via programs at the 92nd St. Y, the NY Open Center, Kripalu, Omega, as well as via workshops and retreats CCC organizes and/or supports, such as our annual East Coast Women’s Retreat, NVCQ, and the Future of Peace Starts Now in Ohio, have benefitted from our life-changing programs. The letters, cards and emails we receive are a moving testimonial to this impact. I want to thank all of you for your support of CCC and your commitment to practicing Nonviolent Communication. Together, we are changing the world!

Over the last few years, I’ve also become increasingly aware that I’ve lost interest in administering the organization. In New York state especially, given additional regulations here, there’s a level of paperwork (from dealing with payroll, sales tax, to audits, including by the Department of Labor, etc) that I have found increasingly distracting, especially for an organization our size. My passion—and, I believe, my greatest talents, are as a coach and trainer. This is where I want to focus my energy: in fostering peace and healing in the world, in various forms.

After trying different strategies (including hiring a part time E.D. last year, which proved unsustainable), I have decided, at least for now, to leave the staff of the organization. I will continue to focus on sharing NVC with organizations, companies, and via coaching and retreats, including with other learning centers — this summer I will once again be co-leading a five day retreat in Ohio, and, this Fall, programs at Kripalu and Insight Meditation.

I have some sadness in leaving, because this is an organization that I’ve invested my life and soul in—and much of my own resources and capital (in creating it). I also am very excited that CCC’s board is energized and committed to seeing CCC continue and thrive. Moving forward, the organization will focus on public programming (practice groups, classes, mediation for couples and families, and workshops) as a volunteer-led organization. CCC will also continue to act as fiscal sponsor for NVC-based projects, such as film being produced about NVC-based parenting and The Relationship Project, that focuses on sharing NVC skills with high school students. Funds donated to CCC will go directly towards supporting individuals and groups learning NVC who are from diverse backgrounds. I hope you will continue to support CCC and consider increasing your support, knowing that your donations go very directly to the wider learning and practice of NVC in New York.

I am still looking forward to being part of the Fourth Annual East Coast Women’s Retreat this July and supporting CCC in other ways—such as contributing guest articles and exercises to the newsletter and blog, and working as a consulting trainer. By stepping down as E.D., I am experiencing a huge release of energy, hope and freedom.

If you are passionate about NVC, I invite you to join the board or get involved in other ways supporting CCC and its mission, such as via fundraising, helping to get the word out about events, or helping with administrative tasks. I look forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks at Queer Talk, Caring Talk and more of you later this year at other events and retreats.

Warmly, with appreciation, and renewed energy,
Dian Killian, PhD.
ps you can find my continued work at and contact me by email at

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