New Beginings!

My passion—and, I believe, my greatest talents, are as a coach and trainer.

With Work Collaboratively, I am thrilled to focus my energy to foster peace and healing in the world, by focusing on people’s experiences in their organizations.

I founded the Center for Collaborative Communication (then Brooklyn NVC) in 2004, I envisioned a community-based organization that would change the culture of NYC (my home town!)  by fostering a community of those practicing Compassionate Communication. Looking back nearly ten years later, I’m deeply satisfied to reflect on the number of people touched by our work.

Dozens of organizations—from the Park Slope Food Coop, to the UN Development Program, to Fortune 100 companies, and thousands of individuals, via programs at the 92nd St. Y, the NY Open Center, Kripalu, Omega, as well as via workshops and retreats CCC organizes and/or supports, such as our annual East Coast Women’s Retreat, NVCQ, and the Future of Peace in Ohio,  have benefited from the life-changing programs I helped develop there.

I decided to leave the staff of the Center for Collaborative Communication to deepen my focus on sharing NVC with organizations, companies, and via coaching and retreats, including with other learning centers; for example, this summer I will once again be co-leading a five day retreat in Ohio,  and, this Fall, programs at Kripalu and Insight Meditation.

I look forward to connecting with you, whether you are seeking a solution for your organization’s communication challenges, to build the capacity of your team, or to develop your personal communication excellence.

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