Meet the trainer: Lorraine

Meet expert CCC coach, NVC trainer, and gifted musician Lorraine Aguilar, who works with us at organizational trainings, and will be joining us at the upcoming Women’s Retreat.

How long have you been involved with NVC, and what attracted you to this methodology?

I’ve been learning NVC and integrating it into my life since 2009.  I was initially attracted to NVC as a way to be more effective at work, especially when facilitating groups.  What I didn’t realize is that it’s so much more – it’s the simplest and most effective “how-to” roadmap I’ve encountered for living the values that I hold dear.

Lorraine, you work with groups and organizations using NVC — how do you think this strategy specifically is effective?

NVC is all about the win-win.  They recognize that the ability to find solutions that value the needs of all stakeholders is how organizations will thrive in an increasingly interdependent world.  Most of my work in recent years has been with leaders of large organizations who want to break out of their silos and work more collaboratively across the organization.  The ability to lead “with” others is so much more powerful than the ability to lead “over” others.

You incorporate music with your NVC — can you tell us a bit more about how you do this, and if you have any favorite songs or musicians?

It all started when I listened to Marshall Rosenberg (who developed NVC) sing his songs.  I longed to sing along, but felt frustrated that I knew neither the words nor the melody.  From that frustration was born an idea:  Why not write NVC songs that can be learned and sung in the moment?  No need to print song sheets or study the melody beforehand.  Instant connection!  I’ve enjoyed the creative challenge and was blown away by how it was received at the world’s largest NVC conference in California last April.  My favorite bands blend funk and rock – Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine.  Not sure how that translates into my NVC music – other than my moves!

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