Official Launch of our new blog!

Hi everyone–

Since we launched CCC’s blog, we’ve been posting news and exercises. Based on feedback we’ve received, it seems this content has been of interest to many of you and supportive of your practicing NVC.

I’m also planning to post thoughts and musings here during each month—about the practice of NVC, events in the world and how they relate to NVC practice, and other items that I find of interest and that I imagine might interest you and help build community—both here in NYC and the larger community of those who are committed to creating a different society and world, based on cooperation, collaboration, and the needs of all beings (and the planet itself) held with care. I am energized thinking about all of you who are “out there” reading, and, by doing so, being part of this larger circle committed to creating change. Valuing mutuality and dialogue, I hope that you will let us know what you think, reading what we present here. (I say “we” since I am writing commentary several times each month; other CC staff will also be posting exercises and materials here). Please let me know too if any topics especially interest you. Personally, I am hoping that in addition to building awareness, connection and community that this blog will offer me space to explore new ideas and thinking, inspired what I’m seeing and hearing in the world.

Curious how this sounds to you all—and looking forward to further connection,

(aka Dian Killian, CCC’s founder and former director!)

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